Monday, July 19, 2010

Mayor Dwight Jones announces New City Jail will Remain in Shockoe Valley

Mayor Dwight Jones, Sheriff Woody, Michael Herring discuss Richmond City Jail from Silver Persinger.

At a Press Conference on Monday at 12:10 PM, Mayor Dwight C. Jones announced that the Richmond City Jail will remain in Shockoe Valley rather than being located at a new site. Four contractors have submitted conceptual proposals to his administration. They are City Central LLC of Richmond, which submitted the first proposal under the Virginia Public-Private Education and Infrastructure Facilities Act (they also hired Vice President Ellen Robertson's former Council Liason John Westbrook as a consultant for their project; their initial proposal for Commerce Rd. is in Mrs. Robertson's district); Tompkins Builders/S.B. Ballard Construction Co. of Washington, DC/Virginia Beach; Mojave Corrections Co. LLC of Nashville, Tenn.; and English/Balfour Beatty Joint Venture of Lynchburg, VA/London, UK.

Sheriff C.T. Woody also spoke about what efforts were being made to lower the temperatures in the City Jail from 120 degree Fahrenheit. Commonwealth's Attorney Michael Herring said that his office would be working to facilitate the release of between 350-400 non-violent inmates who would be diverted into alternative programs such as drug and mental health treatment.