Monday, February 27, 2012

Formal Meeting

Richmond City Council • 2012 Feb. 27 • Entire Formal Meeting from Silver Persinger.

At this meeting Council approved Bruce Tyler's [1st District] resolution to appoint a member of Council to the Capitol Region Airport Commission. [9:00] The vote was 5 - 3. Doug Conner was absent, against Hilbert, Jewell, and Graziano.

Citizen Comment Period [37:30]

Irene Feltner spoke on bus route concerns.

Elizabeth Fraizer, owner of the Richmond Raiders, gave an update on the team.

Benony Tony Amekudzi spoke on "General Comments."

Informal Session - Convention Center / 2nd Street Connector / Unassigned Fund Balance / Budget Timeline / Docket Review

Part 1/2 - 2012 Feb. 27 • Convention Center/ 2nd St. Connector • Informal Session • Richmond, Virginia from Silver Persinger.

Richmond City Council's Informal Session began at 3:14 PM.

Jack Berry, President & CEO of the Richmond Metropolitan Convention & Visitors' Bureau showed a 4 minute, $150,000 video that had recently been produced and gave Council an update about the Convention Center. [0:55]

Jeannie Welliver, Project Development Manager, discussed the proposed 2nd Street Connector. [20:00]

Part 2/2 - 2012 Feb. 27 • Unassigned Fund Balance /Budget Timeline /Docket Review • Informal Session • Richmond, Virginia from Silver Persinger.

Monday, February 13, 2012

A Short Meeting for Council

Formal Meeting 2012 Feb. 13 • Richmond City Council • Richmond, Virginia from Silver Persinger.

There was not much substance at Monday's meeting. I arrived 5 minutes late, missing the prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance. A summary of the meeting, as well as the Informal Session, should be posted over the weekend. In the meanwhile, you can watch the video.

At Informal Session - Juvenile Justice Center

Entire Informal Session 2012 Feb. 13 • Richmond City Council • Richmond, Virginia from Silver Persinger.

The Informal Session opened with Docket Review at 3:15 PM [0:35].

Dr. Carolyn Graham, Deputy CAO of Human Services, gave an update on the Juvenile Justice Center [3:10]. She discussed corrective actions that had been taken to address issues raised by a recent City audit and the Commonwealth. Issues included repairing defective door locks, reactivating intercoms, installing 32 new cameras, installing a new server, a camera recording system and new monitors, correcting water pressure, distributing hair brushes to female residents, TB testing for staff and staff training, replacing chairs, "no evidence of bed bugs found," and the medical mismanagement of child "unfounded."

[13:40] Charles Samuels [2nd Distict] for several minutes asked questions related to the medical management and was not satisfied with Dr. Graham's responses. A girl made an initial complaint in February 2011 and Mr. Samuels alleged that the treatment was not given until November/December. Dr. Graham disputed that claim with information from a report. Then Mr. Samuels pursued a line a questioning about hair brushes [20:00]. Then Mr. Samuels asked about bug bites [21:45]. He also asked about the replacement of 35 mattresses and a "funny question" about the use of anti-itch cream to treat acne.

[23:58] Ellen Robertson [6th District] asked if any resident has filed a complaint. Dr. Graham said that no complaints had been filed.

[26:10] Marty Jewell [5th District] asked about timelines for work completion, the intercom system, and the door locks. 39 youths are currently in the facility and capacity is 60.

[38:00] Review of Council Priorities.

Friday, February 10, 2012

No Love for Skateboarders in Southside Richmond Park

On Friday afternoon at 3 PM, Richmond's Department of Parks, Recreation, & Community Facilities issued a Press Statement asking that skateboard ramps in Carter Jones Park be removed by February 15. It seems like there is a need for a skate park in Richmond. It's a healthy physical activity that is a fun for children and adults.

The press release is below:

Department Issues Statement on Removal of Skateboard Ramps

Richmond, VA – The Department of Parks, Recreation and Community Facilities has asked users of the skateboard ramps placed on the tennis courts at Carter Jones Park, located at 2813 Bainbridge St., to remove the ramps by Wednesday, February 15. The public notice also advises that if the ramps are not removed by that date, they will be removed by the City.

“While the department supports skateboarding as a recreational activity, we have determined that the ramps are being used after the park is closed to the public at sunset and late into the night, which has resulted in continuing complaints from the neighborhood,” said Dr. Norman C. Merrifield, director of the Department of Parks, Recreation and Community Facilities. “It is unfortunate that the situation has come to this, however we have found that there is no other way to prevent this activity after hours in the park other than to remove the equipment. We will be meeting with the skateboarders for discussion with them in hopes of getting their understanding and cooperation,” Merrifield said.

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