Friday, June 13, 2014

East End "Economic Summit" for White People

East End Economic Summit - 2014 June 13 at The Robinson Theater - Richmond, Virginia from Silver Persinger.

Bon Secours and the City of Richmond held this Economic Summit to discuss the future revitalization of 25th Street and Nine Mile Road. Interesting that audience was about 90% white, when the areas being discussed are largely populated by low income African Americans. Video presentation on neighborhood revitalization featuring the small businesses that have opened in the last few years in Church Hill including Proper Pie, Sub Rosa, WPA Bakery [2:44]Representatives from Bon Secours Yvette Johnson-Threat [0:31] and Peter Bernard, CEO Bon Secours Virginia Health Systems [8:52], Capital One, The Community Builders, CEO of RRHA Adrienne Goolsby, Mayor Dwight Jones, Cynthia Newbille, and Jason Roberts from Dallas, Texas, founder of The Better Block spoke to the assembled audience.