Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Note on My Blogging

As with so much in my life, it is in my character to be reluctant to do things. I aspire to do nothing but feel compelled to participate in my government to the extent that I do because few citizens engage enthusiastically in our government. Democracy requires active participation and it is lacking in Richmond, as I imagine it is suffering throughout the world. It is not nonexistent, but we could have and should have a much more engaged and well informed citizenry.

Because I feel that the none of the City's newspapers are doing an adequate job covering the local government, I am driven to do a blog. I don't feel as though I have the requisite diarrhea of the hand to be a good blogger.

Though I am lazy and would prefer to do other things; I write this blog with the hope that I may offer some insight into the functioning of our government, to document our history, mark the notable, shame the disgraceful, entertain and educate my city mates, inspire good citizenship and to serve as an example of what can be accomplished by consistent citizenship.

Before my blog entry tonight, I had been feeling negligent in my duties as a blogger. I had attend 6 meetings since my last blog entry. And not written about one. And there are note-worthy things to mention in all of those meetings. I am uncertain for how long I can keep this up, but it is a worthwhile experiment and truly does demonstrate the power of THE PRESS and free speech.


  1. Hire a ghost writer. Your posts are too important not to get written!

  2. Silver,

    Diarrhea of the hand is not necessary. Please make yourself write one sentence every day. Then you'll find yourself writing two sentences... three...

    I will read you up to about 25 sentences a day. Or, you know, more or less.

    I know you hold yourself to such high standards that a few sentences doesn't seem good enough, but it is. At any rate, it is better than no sentences.

    Anyway, this is not earth-shaking advice; it's also advice I should follow myself, but don't. Please press on in the faith that we readers are grateful even when we don't comment.

  3. Don't be afraid to only post only a small piece. Most of mine on CHPN are only a few sentences and a photo for context.

    "One of the the interesting moments from the last meeting was when __________..." Whatever you report is more than the nothing that we get otherwise.

  4. Thanks for the feedback. It is helpful and I appreciate your support and advice.

  5. John Murden is right, just a sentence is enough sometimes! Readers will comment and ask for more if we need it.