Saturday, February 14, 2009

Charter Review Commission Seeking Public Input

The Charter Review Commission is making an effort to get public input. Early on the commission decided that it's duty was merely to clean up the Charter's language and clear up ambiguities in the roles of Council and the Mayor. It's function was not to change the form of government.

View the Charter Review Commission's website

The Commission is chaired by John Douglass, non-resident of Richmond and Dean of the Law School at the University of Richmond who was selected by Commissions eight other members. Mayor Wilder appointed former state Senator Benjamin J. Lambert, Ms. Jeannie Baliles (wife of former Virginia Governor Gerald Baliles and mother of Wilder press office staffer, Jonathan Baliles), Ms. Jacqueline G. Epps (Lawyer at Morris & Morris, appointed by Gov. Wilder to head the Virginia Retirement System 1990-1994, former board member of Richmond Renaissance), and Dr. Robert Holsworth (former Dean of VCU School of the Humanities, who resigned during the investigation in to Police Chief Rodney Monroe's degree, and my Political Science 101 professor at VCU in 1991. )

City Council appointed Mr. Orran L. Brown, a lawyer, Mr. Frederick Marsh, a lawyer who represented City of Richmond School Board in suits involving Mayor Wilder, Dr. John Moeser, a professor, and Mr. John Thompson, another lawyer and former member of Richmond City Council.

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