Thursday, January 21, 2010

City of Richmond Debuts New Website & New Blogs!

Check it out.

According to a blog post at yesterday at 12:18 PM, the Press Secretary's Office announced the newly redesigned website.

It has a nice look. My only criticism so far of the updated site is that URL addresses changed. This would make links on bloggers, individuals, and organizations websites return a broken link. It is important to preserve the accessibility that the community builds around the City's website.

Also worthy of note is the Jones Administration's recent effort to improve communication with the public. Here is a list of official City of Richmond, Virginia blogs, many are new.

Richmond Police Department's Blog The Police Department's blog began in January. Track crime in the "Noteworthy Reports." View photos of wanted and arrested individuals. I learned this interesting fact from the blog, "Further details can be obtained from incident reports at RPD Headquarters’ Information Desk or by calling the numbers listed below. Reports are kept on file for public review for 24 hours."

Press Releases from Mayor's Press Secretary This blog is a collection of Press Releases that have been issued by Press Secretary Tammy Hawley and Michael Wallace, Public Information Officer III.

Mayor Dwight Jones' blog, nothing on here yet.

City News

Department of Community Development Blog

Department of Parks, Recreation, and Community Facilities Blog

Department of Public Works Nothing yet on this blog.

And a heck of a lot of blogs about Procurement.

Procurement Requests

Procurement Request Proposals

Procurement Informal Bids

Procurement Formal Bids

Procurement Construction Bids

Procurement Awards

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