Saturday, September 11, 2010

New City Jail Discussed at Ellen Robertson's Town Hall Meeting

The topic of Ellen Robertson's monthly townhall meeting for Saturday, September 11, 2010 was the proposed New City Jail. Four developers were present at this event. This is one of the first meetings to publicly discuss the new jail project in greater detail.

The clip above includes the opening of the meeting. Vice President Ellen Robertson recognized a number of members from the audience including Council President Kathy Graziano [4th District], Councilman Bruce Tyler [1st District], Sheriff C.T. Woody, Chandra Smith [School Board, 6th District], and former-Councilman Bill Pantele, and Byron Marshall [Chief Administrative Officer].

A prayer was said by Reverand Alonzo Pruitt who works at the Richmond City Jail.

Part 2 - Presentation from Sheriff's Office on New Richmond City Jail - Sept. 11, 2010 from Silver Persinger.

Part 2 is a presentation from the Sheriff's Office. They recount a little of the history of the City Jail, describe its inmates (which they prefer to call 'residents'), discuss the need for a new facility and the desired design, which isolates the individual prisoner and relies heavily on video camera surveillance. This was promoted as more secure and reducing the staff needed to operate the jail.

Part 3 - Administration, Consultant, & Reverend on New Richmond City Jail - Sept. 11, 2010 from Silver Persinger.

In Part 3, top administrators weigh in. Byron Marshall [Chief Admistrative Office] and Chris Beschler [Deputy Chief Administrative Office, Operations/Director, Public Utilities], Walter Ridley, a city hired consultant from Fort Washington, Maryland [his website describes him as President/CEO of the RIDLEY GROUP and ASSOCIATES LLC, "A Criminal Justice and Faith-Based Consulting Firm."], and Reverend Alonzo Pruitt who works at the Richmond City Jail.

In this clip, Councilwoman Ellen Robertson discusses the historic significance of Eastview, the first African American Single Family Home development in Richmond, Virginia which was soon surrounded by public housing and a jail at the bottom of the hill. At the end of the clip, she urges folks to support the decision by Mayor Jones to keep the jail at its current location.

Part 5 - Comments from Eastview Residents - Ellen Robertson's Town Hall - Sept. 11, 2010 from Silver Persinger.

Comments from 50-year residents of Eastview, history of the neighborhood and of land. Interesting history here. 14 acres.

Part 6,
Closing comments coming soon.

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