Monday, January 7, 2013

Planning Commission Considers Church Hill Water Tank, Victory Rug Apartments, Nightclub Ordinance

Part 1/4 - 2013 Jan. 7 - Minutes, Director's Report, Consent Agenda - Planning Commission - Richmond, Virginia from Silver.

Meeting started at 1:30 PM.

In this portion, Chair Melvin Law opened the meeting, welcomed back Kathy Graziano [4th District] to the Planning Commission, and wished members a happy new year. Graziano served previously as a member of the Planning Commission from January 2005 - December 2008.

The minutes for Dec. 3 and 10, 2012 were approved unanimously [0:56]. The election of officers was put off until the next meeting [1:27]. The Annual Report to City Council was approved to be sent to City Council [2:41]. The Consent Agenda consisted of Ord. 2012-211 to authorize renovations & increasing the number of residents permitted in the adult care residence [4:10]; and an item pertaining to the replacement of the water tank in Church Hill [4:58] which was moved to the regular agenda by unanimous consent of the body.

There was no public comment nor Commission discussion on Ordinance 2012-211 [5:35] which was forward to Council unanimously.

Part 2/4 - 2013 Jan. 7 - Church Hill Water Tank Replacement - Planning Commission - Richmond, Virginia from Silver.

The replacement water tank was proposed to look the same as the existing water tank. The Commission asked the Department to go back and offer some alternatives that would fit in more with the residential character of the neighborhood. The item was deferred for 30 days.

Part 3/4 - 2013 Jan. 7 - Ord. 2012-200 - Victory Rug Building - Planning Commission - Richmond, Virginia from Silver.

Part 4/4 - 2013 Jan. 7 - Ord. 2012-234 - Nightclub Ordinance - Planning Commission - Richmond, Virginia from Silver.

Meeting end time 2:44 PM.

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