Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Council to Enlarge RRHA Board by Two Members and Council Pursues Naming Rights for Corporations

The Entire Meeting

Land Use, Housing, Transportation Committee - Oct. 19, 2010 - Richmond, Virginia from Silver Persinger.

RePHRAME Members on Increasing Tenant Representation on RRHA Board from Silver Persinger.

Above, two members from RePHRAME, Cora Hayes [a tenant of public housing] and Max Daniel, spoke in support of Resolution 2010-R140 but both also objected that only one of the two new commissioners will be required to be a resident of public housing. The other new member will be appointed by the Council.

Silver Persinger's Two Cents - Community Land Trust at Dove Court & Against Corporate Naming Rights from Silver Persinger.

Above, My 2¢. I spoke during the Citizen Comment Period about starting committee meetings later to accommodate citizens who work 9 to 5. This meeting begins at 3 PM. I also suggested that the Dove Court Redevelopment Project be developed as a Community Land Trust to provide affordable housing into the future and retain City ownership of the land as the most responsible and best use of the land.

Later in the meeting, I spoke in opposition to Resolution 2010-R145 [Patron: Chris Hilbert] which asks CAO Byron Marshall to study and submit a report to Council on the feasibility of selling corporate naming rights for City-owned facilities.


  1. Hey Silver, I am intersted in knowing more about this land use idea, community land trust... where can i read more about this?

  2. Wikipedia is a good place to start.


    Also Adria tells me her husband Thad is a big fan of Community Land Trusts.

    Also Habitat for Humanity in Richmond, this year or last, began work on the first Community Land Trust in Virginia, in the Richmond area.