Monday, October 25, 2010

Informal Session - This was an Important Meeting

Part 1/4 - City Council Informal Session - Oct. 25, 2010 - Elderhomes Weatherization Program - Richmond, Virginia from Silver Persinger.

In Part 1, Peter Chapman, Deputy CAO for Economic and Community Development discussed the administration's recent budget amendment of $500,000 for Elderhomes to perform winterization for low income, elderly, and disabled residents. It is projected to aid 80 homeowners, which is a cost of $6250 per home.

Part 2/4 - City Council Informal Session - Oct. 25, 2010 - Docket Review - Richmond, Virginia from Silver Persinger.

In Part 2, Keith Rogers from the City Clerk's Office reviewed the evening's agenda with the Council. This is the portion of the meeting where papers are continued, withdrawn, stricken, or motions are made to amend.

On this day, the papers receiving the most discussion were the following:

@minutes 3:00 - 13:20
Item 8, Ordinance 2010-184 To amend the Code concerning stormwater utility charges, to authorize stormwater utility fee waiver for any property owner who provides a permandent reduction in post development stormwater flow and pollutant loading as authorized by City Charter.

@minute 13:30
Mr. Bruce Tyler [1st District] requested amending and continuing Item 9, Ordinance 2010-185 regarding reducing the terms from 5 to 3 years for members of the Commission of Architectural Review [CAR], the unelected body famous for telling folks what they can and can't do with their homes located within historic districts. Mr. Tyler said the paper needed to be amended to include that the 2 at-large members must be residents of a historic district.

@minutes 14:40 -18:00
Mrs. Ellen Robertson [6th District] asked Mr. Tyler about Item 10, Ordinance 2010-186 which would require individuals wishing to appeal the decisions of CAR to pay a $150 filing fee for single family houses and $500 for all other types of buildings. Mrs. Robertson was concerned about the fee for low-income folks.

@minutes 19:10 -
Ms. Reva Trammell [8th District] asked about items 14 and 15, Ordinance 2010-194 which would authorize special use of 3800-3916 Hull Street and 415 - 527 Belt Boulevard to allow two free standing signs "identifying tenants of the properties" and Ordinance 2010-195 which would legitimize an existing free standing sign at 5449, 5501, and 5503 Midlothian Turnpike.

Mr. Connor reassured Ms. Trammell they were "in-sync on this paper."

Part 3/4 - City Council Informal Session - Oct. 25, 2010 - Report from Schools - Richmond, Virginia from Silver Persinger.

Part 4/4 - City Council Informal Session - Oct. 25, 2010 - Jail Discussion - Richmond, Virginia from Silver Persinger.

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