Monday, July 9, 2012

Formal Meeting 2012 July 9 - Richmond City Council - Richmond, Virginia from Silver Persinger on Vimeo.

Very interesting meeting. I began recording about 35 minutes after the meeting began. The video begins with the Citizen Comment Period. Teddy Parham was the first speaker [0:17]. In an unprecedented move, President Kathy Graziano [4th District] called a 5 minute recess when Teddy would not stop talking even after they cut her mic. Scott Burger talked about the high charge of the minimum water rate in the City [21:53].

President Graziano tried to cut off Councilman Marty Jewell [15:02] which he did not appreciate. The two had another tussle when Mr. Jewell was asking clarifying questions of Scott Burger [28:15].

[30:18] Robert "Bob" Stiedel, Direct of Public Utilities, spoke to the Council about the Water Utility

[42:22] Amend and Continue, Item 6, Ord. 2012-103 -- the digital signal started breaking up while the clerk was reading the amendments. [45:10] Mr. Bruce Tyler noted he had a conflict of interest on the paper and would not participate in the vote or discussion.

 [46:15] Consent Agenda. Tyler abstain from Item 5, Ord. 2012-102, because of a Conflict of Interest [51:32].

[52:28] Expedited Resolutions. 2012-R100 and 2012-R101.

[55:07] Approval of Minutes

[56:00] Reports and Announcements. Many Council members lamented the loss of Council regular and active community member Ruby Turner.

Doug Conner [56:07]
Charles Samuels [58:34]
Chris Hilbert [1:00:14]
Marty Jewell [1:04:48]
Cynthia Newbille [1:08:02]
Reva Trammell [1:09:43]
Bruce Tyler [1:16:30]
Ellen Robertson [1:18:41]
[1:25:14] Additional comments from Tyler, Hilbert, and Trammell
Kathy Graziano [1:28:03]

[1:29:23] Introduction of New Papers Meeting End Time: 8:20 PM

[1:37:45] Comments from Dick Harmon

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