Monday, April 1, 2013

Fragment of Budget Review Meeting

2013 April 1 - Budget Review Work Session - Richmond City Council - Richmond, Virginia from Silver.

I arrived shortly before 5 PM, to attend the Special Meeting that had been called in order for Council to consider the lease agreement for Theater Row [Ord. 2013-77]. However, Council was still in the midst of presentations from various departments related to budget requests and needs of departments. This series of presentations had been going on since 12:15 PM, I believe, and this is only the last 50 minutes.

In this segment, we heard from Clay Dishon, Community Services Manager, and Cheryl Clarke, Operations Manager, from Richmond Public Libraries [1:04], Dr. Donald Stern, Director of Public Health, from the Health Department [18:57], and Rufus Fleming, Deputy Director II, and Rhonda Gilmer, Deputy Director I, from Department of Justice Services [23:15].

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