Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Under 15 Minute Meeting for Land Use Committee

2013 April 16 - Land Use Committee - Entire Meeting - Richmond City Council - Richmond, Virginia from Silver.

Meeting time: 3:04 PM - 3:18 PM.

 Members present: Jon Baliles, Chair [1st District], Committee members Kathy Graziano [4th District] and Michelle Mosby [9th District].

A very short meeting. No public comment. Hardly any discussion of the three papers considered.  Item number 4, Ord. 2013-79, received the most attention, with introduction and comments from Juanita Buster.

Meeting agenda, available here.

Agenda amendments:

1. Ord. No. 2012-4 (Patrons: Mr. Tyler and President Graziano)- To amend Ord. No. 97-3-41, adopted Jan. 27, 1997, which adopted a process to be followed to ensure funding for the “1% for Art” program to be administered by the Public Art Commission and adopted the City of Richmond Public Art Commission Review and Acceptance Policy for Gifts of Works of Art, for the purpose of providing that the amount to be set aside for public art shall not exceed $250,000 for each qualifying project.

3. Ord. No. 2013-41 (Patron: Mr. Hilbert) - To amend and reordain City Code § 26-650, concerning the Urban Forestry Commission, for the purpose of amending the responsibilities and duties of the Commission to include a requirement that the Commission provide advice and recommendations to the City Planning Commission on matters related to trees affected or that may potentially be affected by the construction of any street, square, park or other public way, ground, open space, public building or structure.


 [2:15] 2. Ord. No. 2013-22 (Patron: Vice President Robertson)- To amend City Code § 42-41, concerning the disposition of funds from the sale of real estate and certain insurance proceeds, and to amend ch. 42, art. II of the City Code, concerning trust funds of the City, to add therein a new section 42-44, concerning the disposition of revenues arising from the lease or other use of former school properties, for the purpose of providing that revenues from the sale, lease or other use of former school properties be set aside for the construction of new public school facilities or for the operations of the School Board oftheCity of Richmond. [4:00]

4. Ord. No. 2013-79 (Patron: Mayor Jones) - To authorize the Chief Administrative Officer to accept funds in the amount of $723,226 from the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development and to appropriate the increase to the Fiscal Year 2012-2013 Special Fund Budget by increasing estimated revenues and the amount appropriated to the Department of Economic and Community Development by $723,226 for the purpose of the acquisition, rehabilitation and sale of foreclosed properties through the Neighborhood Stabilization Program. [9:06]

5. Res. No. 2013-R106 (Patron: Mr. Hilbert) - To declare a public necessity to amend the zoning ordinance and to initiate an amendment to the City’s zoning ordinance to make such changes as may be necessary to rezone real properties located within an area around Brookland Park Boulevard generally bounded by West Crawford Street and East Crawford Avenue to the north, Richmond-Henrico Turnpike to the east, East Hooper Street and West Hooper Street to the south, and Edgewood Avenue to the west and to request that the Chief Administrative Officer cause to be conducted a study of all real properties within such area to determine (i) if the zoning classifications for such properties are consistent with objectives to revitalize such area and (ii) the best land usage of the real properties in such area.


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