Tuesday, June 23, 2009

City Council Meeting June 22, 2009 - How we Set Water Rates / Meet the new CAO

Above, I spoke in opposition to ordinances 2009-113 and 2009-114 which exempt 836 residential water customers [ most who live in the "affluent first district," Mr. Tyler's district ] from higher water rates for having water meters larger than 5/8 inch.

DPU conducted a survey of over 200 of the 836 households and found that they all had appropriate sized meters for the type and number of water fixtures used by the customer. 93% of the 836 households [777] would have had to pay less than $20 a month additionally on their monthly water bill.

Above, Byron C. Marshall testifies on his own behalf before the Council and the public. He described why he feels he is qualified for the position and outlined his wide ranging professional experience in larger cities including Washington, DC, Atlanta, Houston, and Austin. He answered questions about his degree, the audit in Austin, other issues raise in local media.


Above, video of the first hour of the evening's Council meeting. Includes the Awards Period and the Citizen Comment period.

Mrs. Ellen Robertson (6th District) presented the Richmond Human Service Award to Carol Negus, President of Bridging Boundaries International.

The speakers for the Citizen Comment Period were Cynthia Hinds, August Moon, Victor Reed, and Darryl Badley.

Above, the second half of the evening's meeting, complete and unedited.

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