Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Unofficial Virginia Democratic Primary Results

From the Virginia Board of Elections

Winners: Deeds for Governor. Wagner for Lt. Gov. Carr for Delegate. Woody for Sheriff.

It's easy to see how the internet and social networking sites like facebook and twitter are gaining influence in the electoral process. I got some information in the last couple of days, shared info myself via twitter, email, and facebook. Even promoted my own "endorsements" as a private individual. None of my candidates won. Underdogs all the way, Moran, Signer, Green, Irving.

Turn out statewide, 6.3% or 320,369 of over 5 million registered voters in Virginia.

In Richmond, turn out was just over 11% or 13,635 of 122,350 registered voters.

The population of Richmond according to wikipedia: 200,123 in 2007. Accordingly, 61% of City of Richmond residents are registered to vote. And in actuality, the turnout in today's primary represented only 6.8% of Richmond's residents.

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