Thursday, June 4, 2009

Silver Persinger Running for House of Delegates, Turns in Homework

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This isn't exactly breaking news for those in the know, such as readers of The Church Hill People's News and other neighborhood blogs in Richmond.

But this is the Richmond Telegraph's treatment. And this blog is written by yours truly, Silver Persinger.

Though I've know for months that I would be seeking the office, I did not begin my campaign until May 22, 2009 when I walked into the Wachovia at 1st and East Grace Streets to open a checking account for my campaign. I was told I needed to get a tax ID number from the IRS before I could open a business checking account. So I headed over to the IRS located at 400 N. Eighth Street in downtown Richmond. There the receptionist handed me a booklet and two copies of the form, Form SS-4.

I walked to the garden behind John Marshall's house and filled out my form on a beautiful spring morning. After completing the form I called an 800 number and spoke with an IRS agent and then she assigned me a tax ID number. By the way, political candidates are considered 'other non-profit organizations' by the IRS.

From John Marshall's garden, I rode my bicycle back to Wachovia where I opened a free business checking account and I deposited my first personal contribution of $100 towards my campaign.

The following weekend I collected 110 signatures in Fulton.

On May 28, I turned in paper work including signatures of 100 individuals with the Richmond Registrar's Office. There I learned I needed to turn in some of my paperwork with the Board of Elections [1100 Bank Street] and the Clerk of the House of Delegates [located within the Capitol Building, 3rd Floor, NE corner office].

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