Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Richmond Crusade for Voters Candidate Forum for the 71st District

Crusade for Voters Candidate Forum - 71st District - Oct. 20, 2009 from Silver Persinger.

The Richmond Crusade for Voters held their final candidate forum of the election season. They will be endorsing candidates at there next meeting on October 28. The forum was moderated by Crusade President Antione Green. The candidates for the House of Delegates are incumbent Jennifer McClellan, a lawyer who works for Verizon Telephone and myself, Silver Persinger. I work at the Library of Virginia with the Virginia Newspaper Program.


  1. Hey Silver!
    I liked what you had to say and am impressed that you go and speak out and bring to light local government on behalf of citizens. It couldn't have been easy...especially considering the man introducing this session seemed to have already picked McClellan as the one who ..."will continue representing us in the House of Delegates."

    Thank you Silver.

  2. Thank you Kimmy. I'm glad to do it. Yeah, I heard that "continue to represent us" comment too.

    The forum almost didn't occur at all but I made two complaints with the organization before they decided to hold a forum for our district.

    It's tough too when the President for the Crusade has political ambitions himself and is so closely linked with the Democratic Party.