Thursday, October 22, 2009

WCVE 88.9 Candidate Forum - Richmond Area House of Delegates Candidates

WCVE 88.9 Candidate Forum - Oct. 22, 2009 from Silver Persinger.

Above, you can watch the entire forum.

On Thursday, October 22, 2009, WCVE hosted a live radio candidate forum. The forum was organized by League of Women Voters, Partnership for Housing Affordability, Leadership Metro Richmond, Richmond First Club, and WCVE. The forum began at 7:06 PM and lasted a little over an hour. The first five minutes of this video is an hourly news updated from NPR News, I left it in there because I thought it would be interesting to hear again in future years to give a flavor of the day's news.

Below, view select clips by individual districts.

55th District - John Cox [Republican] and Robert Barnette [Democrat]

56th District - James Towey [Democrat] and Bill Janis [Republican] - Not Present

65th District - Gary Reinhardt [Independent] and Lee Ware [Republican] - Not Present

68th District - Bill Grogan [Independent] and Manoli Loupassi [Republican] - Not Present

69th District - L. Shirley Harvey [Independent]; Betsy Carr [Democrat] - Not Present; Ernesto Sampson [Republican] - Not Present

70th District - Delores McQuinn [Democrat] and Henry Otis Brown [Independent] - Not Present

71st District - Jennifer McClellan [Democrat] and Silver Persinger [Independent]

73rd District - John O'Bannon [Republican] and Tom Shields [Democrat]

74th District - Joe Morrissey [Democrat] and Michael Gage [Republican]

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