Monday, May 18, 2009

Richmond Motorcycle Clubs Object to Discrimination at Public Safety Committee Meeting

At Monday's Public Safety Committee meeting many motorcycle club members came out to protest the treatment they are receiving as a result of a recent modification to the state code that prohibits individuals from wearing gang colors or gang symbols into establishments that serve alcohol.

The motorcycle club members are being told their outfits prohibit them from being served, even if they aren't drinking alcohol.

This video begins with comments' from Michael Weise, an attorney representing the Virginia Federation of Motorcycle Clubs and a founding member of The Untamed. His comments are followed by comments from Councilpersons Reva Trammell, Chris Hilbert,Betty Squire, and Major David McCoy from the Richmond Police Department.

Comments from the audience begin around 31:00 minutes and included comments from members of The Pagan's, The Devil's Grip Motorcycle Club, The Untamed, The Outlaws, and the Harley Owners Group.

The Rest of the Meeting

Received presentation on Gang Reduction Intervention Program (GRIP) from the Richmond Police Department.

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