Saturday, May 16, 2009

Times-Dispatch's Public Square on Baseball in Shockoe Bottom

On Tuesday evening, May 12, 2009, The Richmond Times-Dispatch held a Public Square Meeting on the topic of the proposal to build a baseball stadium in Shockoe Bottom. The video below includes the entire debate portion of the meeting. In support of the project were master developer Highwoods Properties Vice President Paul W. Kreckman and investor Bryan T. Bostic with Richmond Baseball Club LLC. Speaking in opposition to the proposal were Charlie Diradour from Lion's Paw Development Company and Jean Wight, an attorney and historic preservationist.

In the video below are the complete recorded comments made by the audience.

Editor's Selections

This 12 minute video contains what I considered the strongest arguments in opposition to the proposed Shockoe Center Baseball Stadium in the Bottom.

The speakers are Brian Glass, a retail real estate broker; Herb Seiver of Tappahannock, Virginia; Terrell Bowers, a self employed realtor and investor; and Gustav Franco of Glenn Allen, Virginia.

Who is John Dodge?

The video below contains what I have identified as the "angriest" speaker at the event, John Dodge. He did not identify himself as living in Richmond, he simply said, "I've been here 27 years." I was not able to find any ready information about John Dodge from google. Mr. Dodge was the poster child for the forum on the Times-Dispatch's front page for May 13, however he was not quoted in the paper's story about the forum. I always think it is important to know who an individual works for because there is always a chance that the individual speaking may have an economic stake in a situation. Mr. Dodge was followed by Gary Armstrong, a Senior Vice President at First Market Bank and Chair of the Chesterfield Business Council. Mr. Armstrong wasn't mentioned in the Times-Dispatch article either. Why not mention these two seemingly important individuals?


  1. This was a show designed to conclude in support of the stadium, despite the majority of people there being against it.

    Just look at the headlines in the Times Disgrace this morning.

  2. I can't believe how much time has been spent discussing this project while important issues are ignored. One idea: Create a referendum and let the citizens of Richmond vote on whether or not they want a stadium downtown. Personally, I think it's a waste not to just renovate the Diamond.