Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Electric Guard Dog Fence Company Wants to Electrocute You - July 20, 2009

Richmond City Council's Public Safety Committee met on Monday July 20, 2009 at the Richmond Police Academy. The meeting began at 5:03 PM.

Above, the meeting opened with comments from five individuals. Normally there may be one or two, many times there are none. Jim Szilagyi, owner of Plaza Bowl [ one of the few remaining and original Duck Pin Bowling Alleys] spoke to the committee about recently being cited by CAPS for code violations and stated there was no clear path for his business to comply with or an established process to address issues and still stay in business. A man representing the bowlers at Plaza Bowl also spoke in support of the city working to assist Plaza Bowl.

[17:30] Council regular and concerned citizen, Linda Herman spoke on three items, 1) Tree Maintenance / Danger of falling tree limbs 2) Mopeds and Bicycles not following the Rules of the Road and 3) Cars blocking the intersection of Broad and Belvedere during morning and evening rush hour traffic.

[26:30] William Andrews, self described resident of the 8th District and Lieutenant for the Richmond Fire Department, presented a proposal to the Committee to require bicyclists to be licensed. He also complained about bicyclist not following the Rules of the Road.

[31:00] Then I spoke. I agreed with Ms. Herman's concern about the intersection of Belvedere and Broad and suggested they post "Don't Block the Box - $250 Fine" signs. I expressed my opposition to Mr. Andrews' suggestion that bicyclists should be licensed but I agreed that there ought to be more awareness raised regarding better bicycle behavior. The #1 complaint I hear is bicyclists riding the wrong way on a one way street.

I also presented a petition to the Committee which had been signed by 29 individuals requesting the Council to adopt an ordinance lowering the fine for not having lights on your bicycle from $100 to $15. I also read several comments from individuals who had signed the petition.

Above, Irvin Carter, Budget Manager at the Sheriff's Office discussed the program where inmates are charged a dollar a day. Mr. Carter reported it cost $47 a day to keep an inmate or as the Sheriff's office prefers to call them, "residents." [ See ] He also said between April 17 and

[16:30] Next, Chris Beschler, Deputy CAO of Operations gave a thorough report to the Committee describing the timeline and plan for construction of the new City Jail.

Above, it wasn't listed as a presentation to the Committee on the Agenda, but Cindy Vaughn from Electric Guard Dog Company [Columbia, South Carolina] made a presentation about her company's electric fence. The presentation was related to the committee's discussion and review of Ordinace 2009-143 , which would allow electric fences, currently all electric fences are prohibited within the City's limits.

A number of business men were there to speak in support of the electric fence.

Dick Menendez, Chief Operations Officer of Richmond Auto Auction. [1:17:30]

Bill Stratton of Stratton Metals on Brooke Road reported he had installed the fence in mid-2005. [1:25:40]

Kenneth Treat, Terminal Manager for Old Dominion Trucking. [1:29:40]

And an individual representing Wayne Bombard Trucking. [1:31:50]

I spoke in opposition to the ordinance. [1:32:45]


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