Thursday, July 23, 2009

An Interesting Discussion of Sexual Orientation - Homosexuals and Pedophiles

This is clip is from Richmond City Council's June 17, 2009 Health, Human Services, and Education Committee Meeting.

The paper under consideration was Resolution 2009-R73 , which expresses to the Virginia General Assembly Richmond City Council's support for adding language that references "sexual orientation" and "gender identity" to Virginia's public employee anti-discrimination law.

Patrons Chris Hilbert and Reva Trammell; and during the meeting Councilmen Marty Jewell and Doug Conner asked to be added as co-patrons.

I briefly spoke in support of the paper. [4:50]

The thing that makes this clip notable are the bizarre comments by Dr. Donald Stern, Director of the Richmond Health District, a state agency that manages the City's Health Department. [5:20] Dr. Stern expressed his concern that the phrases "gender identity" and "sexual orientation" would protect pedophiles. I thought it was a strange comment for a health professional to make.

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