Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Richmond City Council - July 27, 2009 - Downtown Master Plan Amended / City Jail Funding Accelerated

"Important Moments at Tonight's Meeting"

Above, approving the purchase of the Lehigh Cement property for $2 million. Ordinance 2009-153 [15 minutes]

Amending the Downtown Master Plan

Above, relatively low key affair to adopt the proposed amendments to the Downtown Master Plan, Ordinance 2009-117. The real excitement for the Master Plan was the Public Hearing that occurred at the July 13 meeting.

Richmond City Jail Construction Funding Is Accellerated

Appointments [ 3 minutes ]

Above, Orlando C. Artze appointed as a commissioner of the Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority [RRHA], Jeanne Boisineau appointed as a member of the Clean City Commission, William M. Hutchins appointed as a member of the Urban Design Committee (Planning Commission Representative).

Awards Period [ 36 minutes ]

RRHA 2009 Scholarship Winners: Francyne Hamilton, Theron Haynesworth, Shyneka Jones, Victoria Jones, Jennifer Tillery [Robertson presenting]

2009 Bank of America Leadership Internship Winners: Kimara Davis and Michael Harrison [Squire presenting]

Jesse Reynolds Awards from Dept. of Park, Recreation & Community Facilities to Wyatt Kingston, Charles Price, and Carmax Foundation

• Community Service Award: WRIR 97.3 FM [Samuels presenting]

• Community Service Award: Village Bank [Hilbert presenting]

Citizen Comment Period [ 20 minutes ]

Paul Hammond on Public Safety Downtown.

Donald Hatcher on Racial Prejudice in the City.

Arthur Burton speaking in support of Fattah Muhammad.

Followed by comments by Council persons Reva Trammell [8th], Marty Jewell [5th], and Chris Hilbert [3rd].

Announcements/Reports from Council Members [ 30 minutes ]

Consent Agenda

Regular Agenda

Watch Complete Meeting Unedited

Part 1

Part 2

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  1. I was very nervous while presenting the Jesse Reynolds Award. This was the first time that I came before the podium during a City Council meeting. I am still starting out on being in front of public and I am trying to get better at this. In the end, I felt good to give this award to those citizens that contributed to Richmond parks. I also felt honored to finally meet Dr. Charles Price, who helped found Bandy Park. Bandy Park is one of the few city parks in Richmond's First District (even though most of the park is in Henrico County but maintained by the city). I thought that I did better in this footage than the previous time.
    William Pace