Monday, July 20, 2009

Sign a Petition to Reduce Fine for Riding a Bicycle without a Light in Richmond, Virginia

I created the petition below in response to hearing from a friend that she had received a ticket for riding her bicycle without lights over the weekend. A $100 fine is too much to bear. Sign the petition below to help reduce excessive penalties against bicycle riders.

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We, the undersigned, request that Richmond City Council reduce the fine for bicyclists who ride a bicycle at night without lights from $100 to $15.

Whereas, bicycle riding is a healthy form of transportation that is good for rider and the environment; the City Council should value and encourage the contribution that bicyclists make to reducing the impact of transportation to the city and the environment.

Whereas, bicycles are predominately ridden with young people, students, and the low income; a $100 fine presents a financial hardship for the majority of bicycle riders. On July 24, 2009 the Federal Minimum Wage was raised to $7.25. A $100 fine represents over 13.5 hours of labor at minimum wage, or over a third of an employee's weekly wages.

Whereas, most bicycles are equipped with reflectors, the bicycles are visible at night by reflecting the headlights of oncoming automobiles.

We object to the $100 fine and request the City Council to create an ordinance which would reduce the fine to $15.

Click here to sign the petition

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