Thursday, September 17, 2009

Health, Human Services, & Education Committee - September 16, 2009

Above, I offered comments during the Citizen Comment Period. I reiterated the demands of RePHRAME [Richmond Public Housing Residents Against Mass Eviction] that were presented the night before at the 2nd Annual Community Forum on Public Housing held at Faye Towers in North Jackson Ward. The demands of RePHRAME are 1. One to one replacement of public housing 2. Right to return for all current residents without having to be re-screened and 3. To increase tenant representation on the Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority [RRHA] Board from 1 to 3 members.

I also complained about Ordinance 2009-143-161 which had been approved at the most recent Council meeting of Sept. 14, 2009 and allows the construction of electric fences in Richmond, Virginia in areas zoned M1 and M2 Industrial, and B3, general business. Previously all electric fences had been banned in the City.

Watch the Entire Meeting Below

Health, Human Services, & Education Committee - September 16, 2009 from Silver Persinger on Vimeo.

This meeting starts off with Councilman Chris Hilbert [3rd District] speaking to me about starting the meeting late. At a previous meeting Mr. Hilbert pledged for every minute he started a meeting late he would donate $2 to the charity of my choice. Today's meeting started 2 minutes late, so that was $4 for the Black History Museum in Jackson Ward.

UPDATE 09/17/09 - Mr. Hilbert gave me a check for $25 made out to the Black History Museum of Virginia. I told him, he just owed me $4 and he said he didn't want to make out a check for just $4. Well, good enough. Maybe this will serve as an incentive to start the meetings on time.

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