Monday, September 21, 2009

Towing Rates Up, People with Disabilities Speak Up, 911 = $3.5 M Shortfall, Crimes Against the Homeless

Councilwoman Reva Trammell [8th District] held a nearly 3 hour long Public Safety Committee meeting. Councilpersons Betty Squire [7th District], Chris Hilbert [3rd District], and Marty Jewell [5th District] were also present.

Public Safety Committee - Sept. 21, 2009 Part 1 from Silver Persinger on Vimeo.

Above, watch the Citizen Comment Period and a report from the Richmond Towing Advisory Board where they recommend raising the price of towing from private property from $65 to $125.

Public Safety Committee - Sept. 21, 2009 Part 2 from Silver Persinger on Vimeo.

In Part 2, watch Linda Broady-Myers' presentation on issues affecting people with disabilities. She reported 42,000 people in Richmond have some disability. The majority of her comments dealt with curb cuts [AKA wheelchair ramps on sidewalk] that are not correctly made, do not exists, are not properly maintained, or blocked by illegally parked cars. She also spoke about the blind who walk into traffic signal boxes attached to poles and into trees that are not maintained above sidewalks, among many other items. Kellie High-Foster, Deputy Director, Financial Services Division from the Police Department, gave a report on the City's 911 Emergency Communication System and proposed expenditures and shortfalls. Major Eric English of the Richmond Police Department spoke about recent crimes committed against homeless individuals. Ron Jordan, Managing Partner, Advantus Strategies and the City's hired lobbyist to the General Assembly gave a presentation on the City's proposed 2010 Legislative Agenda.

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