Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Turning a Circle Around a Confederate Monument / Curb Cut in the Museum District is a Big Deal

Land Use, Housing & Transportation Committee Sept. 22, 2009 - Confederate Roundabout / Museum District Driveway / Part 1 of 2 from Silver Persinger on Vimeo.

In video above you can hear comments made during the Citizen Comment Period to Richmond City Council's Land Use, Housing, and Transportation Committee chaired by Councilman Doug Conner [9th District]. Other members of the committee are Council Vice President Ellen Robertson [6th District, 3:08 PM] and Councilman Charles Samuels [2nd District, 3:07 PM]. Councilman Bruce Tyler [1st District] was present when Mr. Conner called the meeting to order at 3:05 PM. Council President Kathy Graziano also joined the meeting at 3:54 PM, during the discussion of Ord. 2009-80 to revoke a permit to install a driveway on Stuart Avenue issued by the Dept. of Public Works.

Mrs. Robertson explained the reason she was late was because she had been attending the Audit Committee's meeting which began at 2:00 PM. Ron Jordan, Managing Partner, Advantus Strategies and the City's hired lobbyist to the General Assembly presented to the committee a brief report on Council's 2010 Legislative Agenda.

Next was the citizen comment period which was mostly made up of individuals speaking to an item that had been removed from the Agenda and continued, Ordinance 2008-189 to prohibit the installation of a roundabout at the intersection of Hermitage Road and Laburnum Avenue sponsored by Councilman Chris Hilbert [3rd District] were the intersection is located. I also spoke to complain about short notice on the Committee's Agenda, it had just been sent out via email 22 minutes before the meeting. And I complained again about the meeting starting at 3 PM instead of after 5 PM.

At 35:45 begins the story Ordinance 2009-80 where the City granted a building permit and a permit to encroach on the "public right of way" [AKA "the sidewalk" and "23 feet of on street parking"]. It's a long and interesting story. What do you think the Council should do? It would be great to get some comments on this story.

Land Use, Housing, & Transportation Committee - Part 2 - Sept. 22, 2009 from Silver Persinger on Vimeo.

In the second part of the meeting they discuss the following:

Public Works

Res. No. 2009-R118 (Patron: Mr. Tyler) - To impose enhanced speeding penalties pursuant to the City Code *** to authorize the placement of signs giving notice thereof on the portion of Cary Street Road located between Cameron Street and Three Chopt Road.

Ord. No. 2009-154 (Patron: Mayor Jones, By Request) - To amend *** Ord. No. 94-17-32 *** which authorized the special use of the property known as 5409 Hull Street Road as a Single Room Occupancy housing facility, to authorize a building addition with 21 additional units and other site improvements ***.

Real Estate

Ord. No 2009-162 (Patron: Mayor Jones, By Request) - To *** acquire, at a tax delinquent judicial sale, the property located at 1209½ West Leigh Street and to authorize the conveyance of such property to the Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority for the purposes of eliminating blight and making such property available for redevelopment.

Rec. & Parks

Res. No. 2009-R137 (Patron: Mr. Conner) - To express support for the Department of Parks, Recreation and Community Facilities’ application for a reimbursement grant from the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation’s Virginia Recreational Trails Program for the development and protection of the Reedy Creek Greenway.

Board Vacancies

City Planning Commission –Robert C. Burns, Doug Cole, Mark S. Linsey, Lynn McAteer, Jonathan W. Shultis and Fara E. Jenkins Steves, Meghan Z. Gough and Dom Nozzi

Building Code Boards of Appeals – General Division – John L. Bock

Monroe Park Advisory Council – John Peters, Terence Britt Smith

Greater Richmond Transit Company – Paul W. Kreckman, David Rennolds, R. Webb Moore, Robert C. Burns, Staci L. Boone, Robert P. Englander, Jr. , Mark Romer, Peter Chapman

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